Hello friends of Cuberox!


Unfortunately, we have not raised our target amount on Kickstarter this time. But, we’re not giving up! We’ll push through the Cuberox project no matter what and we’ll re-submit the campaign on Kickstarter a bit later after we’ve put in more sweat and preparation.

To achieve success, we need your support! We hope you can help us in creating the upgrade version of Cuberox, which will eliminate the shortcomings of version one.

We’ve developed a quick survey and hope you will spare some time to answer a few questions, which will help us understand how we should move forward.

For this reason, we are starting a blog where we’ll share our work in progress on this project with you. We need your input, your experience and your opinion, to better prepare the cube for the new campaign. Share those along! Please stay onboard as we’ve got a few ideas on how to make Cuberox better, more affordable and run the next campaign more successfully.

At first, we would like to share our ideas with those backers who have been with us all this time, so we are making the information on our blog accessible to our registered users only.

We also ask you to provide your comments and suggestions as we move, so we better understand if we’re moving a right direction and satisfy your thirst for what you want to see in Cuberox version 2.

Besides all that, we want to make Cuberox open-source, so our broader community could help us sharpen all the details and make the cube more ideal.

Thanks for being with us throughout the past month of anxiety, support and faith in our project.

Everything’s going to be alright. Cuberox will live! Thanks!

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